Passing the torch: How to write an EMS succession plan

By: EMS1 – Fire-Based EMS

Ensure the continued success of MIH/CP programs by developing a personal succession plan for your successor

Last year, I stepped down as the coordinator of my department’s mobile integrated healthcare (MIH) program.

I was proud of what I had accomplished, having secured contracts to provide follow-up visits for two major healthcare systems. But I was mentally exhausted and ready to get back to doing what brought me to the fire service in the first place: running 911 calls.

Letting go of the program after three years was not an easy thing to do. For starters, I was personally connected to the program. It was “my baby,” so I didn’t want my vision for the program to be discarded. And second, no matter what I seemed to accomplish, there always seemed to be loose ends.

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