N.Y. Hospitals Run Medical Summer Camp for Teens


July 19—While summer vacation allows students to take a break from academics, some students are choosing to expand their knowledge beyond the school walls.

Twenty students in grades eight through 12 were accepted into the three-day MASH summer camp that kicked off this week at Samaritan Medical Center. Run by the Fort Drum Regional Health Planning Organization in collaboration with five regional hospitals and SUNY Jefferson, the camp allows students to explore the health care industry by participating in hands-on activities. Students will also learn the educational requirements, skills and typical job duties of specific health care professions.

Manager of Recruitment at Samaritan Medical Center and Director of the MASH Camp Michael D. Britt said participants experience six rotations of 2 1/2 hour sessions, including five areas of the hospital and one session on CPR certification. The areas of the hospital differ, but Mr. Britt said students usually experience radiology, biomedical, medical surgical unit, cardiopulmonary and surgical services.

“They are shadowing with a professional, so each student may get a totally different experience in the morning versus what they are seeing in the afternoon. It really depends on what is going on in that department,” Mr. Britt said.

On Wednesday, MASH students were given a tour of a LifeNet medical helicopter by its crew to show them an alternative medical profession from being in a hospital setting. Each helicopter is equipped with a pilot, LifeNet nurse and LifeNet paramedic. As opposed to a traditional paramedic and nurse, the crew explained they both have the same skill-level and training, in case something were to go wrong while in the air.

Students will also have the opportunity to learn about Emergency Medical Services as another health profession outside of the hospital.

In addition to the hands-on sessions, the students will participate in a daily “Lunch and Learn,” featuring presentations from different health care professionals. Mr. Britt said on the first day of this week’s camp, two oncologists presented on how certain lifestyle choices can affect your health. For example, Mr. Britt explained, the oncologists mentioned a student is more likely to be diagnosed with lung cancer if they smoke.

Regardless of the students’ placement, members of FDRHPO said each day will provide thought-provoking exercises and real-life experiences.

If students are interested in MASH camp but missed this summer’s deadline, additional sessions will be offered during February break at Carthage Area Hospital, Lewis County General Hospital, River Hospital and Samaritan Medical Center. For more information, visit the FDRHPO website at www.fdrhpo.org.


Watertown Daily Times, N.Y.

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