Ind. hospital launches community paramedicine program

By:  Melissa Gibson
Hendricks County Flyer / EMS1

EMS directors sought out Hendricks Regional Health CEO Kevin Speer with the idea to start a program that reduces non-emergent runs while still helping residents.

DANVILLE, Ind. — Most know someone living with a chronic illness or an elderly person who struggles with medications and mobility. What many may not know is the number of individuals that have no recourse but to call 911 when they’ve slipped from their chair and can’t get back up or when they have a complication with their oxygen therapy.

“The fact is, the majority of 911, EMS calls are non-emergent calls,” Kevin Speer, CEO of Hendricks Regional Health, said. “They are calls from people that have no other option but to call 911. It’s expensive; we’re sending trained professionals and equipment to these situations where they are called in all of our communities—sometimes from the same person multiple times a day.”


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