How community paramedics improve care, reduce costs in correctional facilities

By: Doug Wyllie, EMS1 Contributor

Community paramedics placed within a correctional facility increase the level of services provided by the health care team and potentially reduce overall health care costs

A community paramedic is a seasoned prehospital medical practitioner who has received supplementary training to have an expanded scope of care, such as making house calls to help patients with chronic conditions or assessing patients after hospital discharge. In addition to the standard educational program — consisting of 1,600 to 2,200 hours of academic training — to become a paramedic, community paramedics are trained to do expanded patient assessments and examinations.

Community paramedics may also be trained to perform procedures like wound suturing, and they are also following up with overdose patients to discuss addiction treatment options and harm reduction steps if the patient continues to use opioids.


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