Google, YouTube donate $280K to first responder foundation

By: Sophie Haigney, San Francisco Chronicle / EMS1

SAN BRUNO, Calif. — In the wake of a shooting at YouTube headquarters that left three people injured last week, Google, YouTube and their employees are donating at least $280,000 to the San Bruno Community Foundation, to fund an initiative aimed at first responders.

Google and YouTube are making a $100,000 grant to the foundation, which was created to administer restitution funds after the PG&E gas pipeline explosion in 2010. YouTube and Google also invited employees to make individual donations, which Google said it would match.

“In the first 48 hours, more than 800 Googlers from around the world donated more than $90,000,” said Leslie Hatamiya, executive director of the San Bruno Foundation in a statement. — Google’s philanthropic arm — is matching those donations, so the San Bruno Community Foundation expects to receive at least $280,000, and possibly more.

Hatamiya told the Chronicle that YouTube, which is the largest employer in San Bruno, has previously partnered with the organization three times and contributed to their community grants program.

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