Future Service Dogs Schooled on Emergency Response

By Joe LaFurgey (WOOD-TV) & Sasha Zidar (M LIVE)

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD-TV) — The sights and sounds of emergency vehicles can be scary for anyone. If you have four legs and especially sensitive hearing and smell, it can be even more upsetting.

“It can definitely complicate things,” Life EMS Ambulance paramedic Tedd VanSolkema said of situations when patients have service dogs.

So on Wednesday, Paws With A Cause trainees spent part of the day at Life’s Grand Rapids garage facing their fears.

About 15 puppies going through their initial obedience training for Paws With A Cause and their handlers hopped in and out of the back of ambulances, rode wheelchair lifts, sniffed around the equipment and medicine used by first responders and generally became acclimated to the gear.

GRAND RAPIDS, MI (M Live) – Around 15 Paws With A Cause future assistance dogs and their trainers gathered with Life EMS Ambulance for a very special training session Wednesday.

About 15 puppies and dogs were exposed to the sights and sounds of medical emergencies. The training was designed to familiarize them with the distractions of a rescue environment their future owners may experience.

Watch video here.

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