Experts weigh in on community paramedicine implementation

An expert panel at the NAEMSP pre-conference explored data, regulations, policy, financing and sustainability for EMS administrators and medical directors implementing MIH or CP programs


By Catherine R. Counts


SAN DIEGO — The Mobile Integrated Health Care/Community Paramedicine committee hosted a well-attended and engaged pre-conference at the annual NAEMSP meeting to discuss advanced MIH/CP topics to better inform EMS administrators and medical directors implementing these programs.


The four-hour session was split into three panels around the themes of data and metrics, regulations and policy, and financing and sustainability. Here are memorable quotes, key takeaways and a summary of each panel’s presentation.


Memorable Quotes
“EMS has previously used public acts of heroism, but it is the private acts of humility that will bring recognition.” — Sean Maxwell


“There is no new money … Reinvest the savings in order to sustain you savings.” —Brenda Staffan


“Please stop waiting for a map. We reward those who draw maps, not those who follow them.” — Seth Godin. Used by David Schoenwetter to convey that there is no roadmap for creating or sustaining a MIH/CP program. We are in the innovation phase, so any organization with one of these programs isn’t using a map.


“In God we trust, all others must bring data” — W. Edwards Deming. Used by David Schoenwetter to convey importance of collecting data.


Key takeaways on development of MIH/CP
Key takeaways for EMS professionals on the innovation and development of MIH/CP:


  • MIH/CP programs are innovations within EMS and within health care; therefore there is no right way to do things. Variation within and across models will consolidate with time.
  • EMS organizations implementing an MIH/CP program must consider local health care environment as well as the broader national health care policy moving forward.
  • Only way to prove success of MIH/CP program is via data and regardless of data quality you have to start somewhere.
  • Medical director engagement is imperative to success of MIH/CP program.



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