EMS education needed: Overcoming the speed bumps of 2017

By: EMS1

EMS sleep practices, the opioid epidemic, community paramedicine and patient transport mark some of the biggest issues to watch in 2018

As 2017 draws to a close and 2018 approaches, I think it’s appropriate to look back on the EMS events of the last year, and try to draw some lessons that will help us prepare for what is to come.

And the lesson I think we can all draw is, “Thank goodness it’s almost over.”

2017 turned out to be like that fantasy date with a supermodel: she looked great from afar, but over dinner you discovered she’s a narcissistic sociopath with a heroin habit and bad credit. You keep hoping that it’ll get better, that something about her personality will match her looks, but when she meets your parents, both hate her, and she’s mean to your dog.


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