EMS by the numbers: Where we need to go next

By: EMS1

Breaking down the National EMS Assessment 2020 insights on telehealth, health information exchange and disaster preparedness.

The National Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Assessment 2020 began in October 2018 and was completed and issued in pre-lockdown March 2020. The document lays out, in a graphical, easy-to-digest representation, the collective image of the state of EMS systems in the U.S. today. In the survey, 54 of 56 states and territories responded to the 61 question snapshot survey which has been collected, collated and reproduced produced in the report.

The assessment arrives at a key moment in our battle against COVID-19 as we look to advocate for and protect the interests of EMS as a vital part of the nation’s response to the pandemic. To understand what makes up EMS across the nation, type and volume are key metrics. The National EMS Assessment provides answers on who, how and with what, and this gives an indicator to the size and complexity of our national EMS delivery system. It also raises questions and offers a to-do list, particularly now that we have no choice but to operate in a new normal.

Covered within the assessment are sections on EMS organizations, its professionals, communications, response and patient care, information systems, workforce health and safety, funding and, perhaps importantly this month, disaster preparedness.

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