Community paramedicine programs survey

By: EMS1 Staff

EMS providers are asked to help evaluate community risk reduction

PLANO, Texas —  Community paramedicine program (CPPs) results are being studied by researchers at Plano Fire-Rescue.

The researchers are hoping to answer the following four questions with the attached survey, which takes less than 10 minutes to complete:

1. Which demographic of your community is your CPP aimed at reaching?
2. Has your CPP met its defined mission?
3. Who/which organizations partner with your CPP, and what are their responsibilities?
4. Who would be most affected if your CPP was discontinued?

The brief survey is set up to gather information about the types of organizations utilizing CPP; the length of time the programs have been operating; the demographics these CPPs are targeting; as well as the programs’ mission, staffing, funding, partners and oversight.

Information from the survey will be used to answer the questions above. The results will be shared, including lessons learned and recommendations. The results will be available to help organizations evaluate CPPs as well as provide examples for establishing CPPs.

Email questions about the study to Aaron Clouse aaronc@plano.govor Chris Biggerstaff

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