10 things you need to know about community paramedicine

By: EMS1 Fire Based EMS / Ben Thompson

Be sure to understand your community’s needs, your agency’s goals and how you will fund your MIH-CP program and assess its success.

Faced with the challenges of growing costs, aging populations, chronic illnesses and people with limited access to or understanding of the healthcare system, many EMS agencies are considering community paramedicine and mobile integrated healthcare (aka MIH-CP) programs.

MIH-CP involves using specially trained paramedics to fill gaps in the system and offers the opportunity for providers to take on a more comprehensive approach to patient care, which can improve outcomes and help reduce costs.

For example, community paramedics can conduct in-home wellness checks to help patients manage chronic diseases like diabetes. Better management and understanding of these conditions can help prevent emergencies, as well as reduce the number of costly non-emergency calls.

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