How NEMSIS and ePCR are transforming EMS records (white paper)

Jul 17 , 2018

By EMS1 BrandFocus Staff This free white paper describes how ePCR software with NEMSIS compliance can lead to error-free transfers of patient information. Electronic patient care reporting software and the standards the software must meet have changed the way the EMS … Continue reading …

Tex. First Responders Utilize Drones in Various Operations

Jul 3 , 2018

By: EMSWORLD From locating active shooters inside buildings to rescuing stranded hikers, agencies are taking full advantage of the operational benefits drones offer. Watch video here.

Mass. Fire Department Trains for Unique Medical Emergencies

Jul 3 , 2018

By: McClatchy – Adam Silva EMSWORLD Wicked Local South/Mariner, Marshfield, Mass. July 02—A new public safety program is in the works in Hanover to open dialogue when medical attention is necessary. The focus won’t be solely on special needs, as … Continue reading …

How EMS data is being used to measure value, improve patient care

Jul 2 , 2018

By: EMS1 Two agencies share innovative ways to use data to improve performance, as well as measure and report the value EMS providers offer to their patients, agencies and communities. The popular phrase “data is king” could not be more … Continue reading …

More Community Paramedicine Articles

Community Paramedicine Articles

Tex. Agency May Increase Ambulance Fees to Deter Frequent Flyers

Jul 17 , 2018

By: McClatchy,  Mike Morris Houston Chronicle July 10—Houston Fire Department leaders on Tuesday proposed a sharp hike in ambulance fees and floating several new charges they hope will prevent repeat callers from using the city’s emergency medical services as a convenience. … Continue reading …

N.H. Mobile Crisis Response Team Reduces Hospital Visits

Jul 9 , 2018

BY: McClatchy Sahne K. Wickham / EMSWORLD MANCHESTER—A client arrives for an appointment with his therapist, anxious and stressed. He has a history of suicidal thoughts and hasn’t been taking his medication, and the counselor decides it’s not safe for him to … Continue reading …

Community Paramedics Reduce Hospital, Ambulance Use

Jun 29 , 2018

By Kristine ‘Kris’ S. Calderon, PhD, CHES; Donna Zimmerman, RN, BSN; Joshua Clouse, BSBM, CP-C, Lic-P; Matt Zavadsky, MS-HSA, EMT; Michelle Stehling, RD, LD Jun 29, 2018 Print Version   With readmission rates at an all-time high among Medicare beneficiaries, … Continue reading …

Ala. Firefighter-Paramedic Shares How Community Paramedicine Changed Him

Jun 25 , 2018

By: EMSWORLD Birmingham Fire and Rescue C.A.R.E.S. program (Community Assistance, Referrals and Education Services) changed how Ben Thompson approached patient care with frequent flyers. Watch video here.

Mobile Life Support Services Unveils New Branding on Ambulance Fleet, Sign

Jun 21 , 2018

By: EMSWORLD June 21—Mobile Life Support Services, the largest emergency medical provider in the Hudson Valley, introduced a new brand identity and logo at a press conference at its headquarters on Thursday, June 21, 2018. Mobile Life Owner and Chairman of … Continue reading …

Five Questions With: Tim Perkins, Manager of the Virginia Division of Community Health and Technical Resources

Jun 18 , 2018

By: Jonathan Bssett / EMSWORLD The Virginia Office of EMS (OEMS) recently created a division tasked with fostering strategic partnerships between EMS agencies, healthcare professionals and the communities they serve to advance population-based initiatives designed to improve health outcomes across … Continue reading …